M24 Family // featuring Enny Audu


After knowing I would be attending the University of Houston I began searching online for some campus ministries I may be interested in, and it all kind of fell in place from there. From seeing the Mission24 table at the Cat’s Back event to connecting with people there from as early as the first Sunday, it all worked itself out really. Looking back on my childhood it’s obvious how God drew me in at such a young age and just put a desire and curiosity for Him in my heart. Now as I reflect I see all the little seeds planted in me, even in an environment where the gospel wasn’t preached. Though I had responded to altar calls at about the age of 9, when I was 12 years old I heard the good news, understood it and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Mission24 to me is a passionate church family that cares about people because of their love for God. The genuine atmosphere of the people really showed me that “perfection” doesn’t mean salvation or even growth. I really believe that I was meant to go to the University of Houston and be a part of such a great family. I am currently starting my sophomore year as a nutrition major on the Pharmacy track and I’m super excited for my second year at UH! Go COOGS!



What is your ethnic orgin?     Nigerian


What is the #1 country on your list to visit?     Egypt


If you could be any animal, what would you choose and why?     Cheetah, because their fierce and fast.


What is your favorite cereal?     Hmmm frosted flakes?.. but Oreo O’s before they got discontinued


Early riser or night owl?     Night owl for sureeee…(infact it is currently 3am as I fill this out)


Coffee or Tea?     I just recently fell in love with tea!


Neat freak or slob?     Neatish


Crazy obsession, compulsions, petpeeves?     Crazy obsession: Ranch dressing//  Compulsion: Unconsciously scrunching up my face//  Pet peeve: Sluggish customer service. Like going to the DPS or Optometrist. Everything becomes 20 minutes longer than it should be and everyone else seems weirdly ok with it..so I just end up feeling crazy


Frequently played song on MP3 player?     Lecrae “I Know”


Embarrassing moment?     I slipped on a paper plate in my high school cafeteria and fell backwards and my pizza flew up in the air then fell on me. Right after I told my friends they couldn’t have any, so of course they had a great time laughing, and the rest of the cafeteria as well. Luckily my backpack caught my fall


Name one unusual or unbelievable fact about you?     I don’t let people sit on my bed nor do I sit on it throughout the day.


Most memorable experience with the Lord?     Getting the gift of tongues in the 8th grade

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