M24 Family // featuring Karyn Kimbrell


I am a twenties-something gypsy who was born and raised in a rural town in Alaska. After I tried college (and decided it wasn’t for me), I heard God tell me to go to Houston to start my new adventure. A friend told me about Mission 24 church on the University of Houston campus and I decided that I would attend school there, mainly to serve this church. Turns out school still wasn’t for me, and instead God blessed me with an amazing job as a flight attendant where I can see the world and meet amazing people. The best part is I still could serve Mission 24 while living out this adventure.

When I was a little girl, my dad committed suicide and left my mom with me and my brother. My mom brought me to church, and even though she could hardly afford it, she put my brother and I in a private Christian school, and Bible camp every summer. I knew from as early as I could remember that God was my Good Father, my protector, my shelter and salvation. In middle school I had my first encounter with the Holy Spirit and was encouraged to cultivate the spiritual gifts given to me. It wasn’t until college I realized I needed a deeper, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, and I’ve been on that pursuit ever since. Mission 24 is the greatest resource and family that I could have while on this journey. As I fly around the world, I know I have a family at the University of Houston.

It is my heart to encourage students and other twenty-somethings in their pursuit of the living God. When we have our identities firmly rooted in Christ, when we know we are heirs to His Kingdom, and when we know even just a hint of how much Jesus loves us, we will change this campus and change this city!



 What is the #1 country on your list to visit?    As vanilla as it sounds, England!! I still haven’t gone and I need me some polo at tea time.


If you could be any animal, what would you choose and why?     I would be a dolphin because they are so nice and playful and can swim scary fast!

What is your favorite cereal?     I try to stick with granola but I will never, ever turn down a bowl of Pops or Apple Jacks!

Early riser or night owl?     I like to be up when the sun is. That’s how you know I’m not a vampire.

Coffee or Tea?     Coffee in the morning (by the gallon), and tea at night.

Neat freak or slob?     Neat freak neat freak neat freak

Crazy obsession, compulsions, petpeeves?     I must have a clean kitchen at all times. I can’t stand dirty dishes, and I refuse to go to bed with any in the sink.

Frequently played song on MP3 player?     I Can’t Handle It by Christian Lewis

Embarrassing Moment?     So many. In high school I was the boys’ varsity basketball manager and during the biggest game of the season, during half time, I fell of the bleachers. Backwards. In front of the rival team. Wearing a skirt. You get the idea.

Name one unusual or unbelievable fact about you?     Being Alaskan, I can catch a fish, slaughter a chicken, or shoot a gun,  whilst wearing high heels.

Most memorable experience with the Lord?     The night I realized Jesus, still to this hour, has fingerprints, takes breaths, and could throw on a pair of hipster eye glasses if he wanted to. He is so real it’s insane. I couldn’t sleep that night.

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