Tamra // Bethel Trip


The opportunity to attend Bethel was a complete blessing! The Lord provided a way for my husband and I to go on this trip and it was clear that He had a great plan for it. The most impactful moment for me was at the healing rooms. During each step of the process, the Lord encountered me with such grace and power, delivering me of sadness and emotional pain. He filled me with joy and gave me hope for the future. It truly was a love encounter from Daddy God. One of the exercises we were asked to do at the healing rooms was to speak a declaration over ourself that brings life and breaks the works of the enemy. Mine is this: I’M A LITTLE WORRIED THAT GOD IS GOING TO LOVE ME SO MUCH, THAT IT WILL POUR OUT ONTO EVERYONE AROUND ME. Since declaring this over my life, the Lord has continued to bless me and those around me.

Mission TwentyFour